Fast Facts

  • Barbie’s real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts
  • Barbie is from (fictional) Willows, Wisconsin and went to Willows High School
  • Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel, brought her vision of a three-dimensional doll to life with the introduction of Barbie in 1959
  • Barbie first appeared in the now-famous black-and-white striped swimsuit and signature ponytail
  • Barbie has three sisters Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea
  • Barbie’s first pet was a horse named Dancer; since then, she has had more than 50 other pets!
  • The first Barbie doll sold for $3.00
  • Barbie’s signature color is Barbie Pink (PMS 219)
  • Barbie’s first boyfriend, Ken, debuted two years after Barbie in 1961
  • Ken was named after the son of Mattel founders Ruth and Elliot Handler
  • Ken and Barbie broke up on Valentine’s Day in 2004 after being together more than 43 years
  • Ken and Barbie rekindled their romance announcing their reunion after seven years of being apart on Valentine’s Day 2011
  • The best-selling Barbie doll ever was 1992 Totally Hair Barbie, with hair from the top of her head to her toes
  • Barbie has collaborated with more than 75 different fashion designers and has served as creative inspiration to more than 150 famous designers
  • Barbie has had close to 150 inspirational careers

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