1992: Known as the “Year of Woman” in politics, 24 new women were elected into the House of Representatives and Barbie made her first presidential campaign debut. 


The “fab five” of the '90s now refers to Cindy (Crawford), Linda (Evangelista), Claudia (Schiffer), Naomi (Campbell) and Christy (Turlington) whose ultra-glam lifestyle reflected the pace of the decade’s race to the new millennium.

Shoulder pads were still big but hair was even bigger with teased bangs and perms. The 1992 Totally Hair Barbie (shown above), the best-selling Barbie doll to date, celebrated the “big hair” craze and loud fashions of the early 90s. The doll featured the longest locks ever for Barbie, measuring 10½ inches.

With the new millennium just around the corner, Generation Girl Barbie took on a new sassy, edgy, street-fashion look.

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