2004: In a time of celebrity power couples, makeups and breakups, Barbie created a bigger worldwide scandal when she broke up with long-time boyfriend, Ken, than when mega-celebs Britney & Justin and Ben & J.Lo cut ties a few weeks earlier.

2009: From her first-ever fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to a celebrity-filled birthday bash at her Malibu Dream House, Barbie celebrated her 50th anniversary in style.


Girl power is in full swing and girls began to put their own personal stamp on style. And speaking of style, it was bold, beautiful and all about denim.

In 2000, Jewel Girl Barbie (shown above) underwent a millennial makeover featuring a new, more athletic physique, a bendable, flexible waist and her first belly button.  Always ready for a party, her hipster slim pants, crop top and fresh-colored pastel jacket could go from day to night in a flash. Bring on that personal touch– her stick-on fashion jewels allowed girls to customize the outfit or accessorize their own rock star-inspired look.

Barbie and MAC cosmetics reset the global style agenda again with the Barbie Loves MAC doll whose fashion palate “tie-dyed denim” wash jeans are paired with high black faux suede boots.

2009: Fresh from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Barbie once again topped the best-dressed list, and kicked off yet another fabulous decade of style. Wearing the season’s hottest looks and carrying all the “in” accessories, 50 never looked so good.


The new millennium gave everyone a chance to reset and re-evaluate. Jewel Girl brought Barbie natural looking makeup and featured the gentle open smile introduced the previous year. Her two-toned blonde hair was long and loose, and could be styled in a variety of ways.

In 2009, Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday. What’s a 50th birthday without a makeover of some sort? Like all birthday girls, Barbie surprised her fans, friends and family with her new birthday look.

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