Barbie Collector Creates Rear Window Grace Kelly Doll

Jan 07, 2012

As one of the world’s most iconic beauties of all time, Grace Kelly has charmed her way into the hearts of many with her stunning good looks, sophisticated style and effortless grace. Barbie® pays tribute to the Oscar winning actress and princess with the Grace Kelly Rear Window™ Barbie® doll which captures Grace in one of her most ravishing moments. Rear Window, the 1954 classic film, starred Grace Kelly as a fashion consultant who learns that her photographer boyfriend may have witnessed a murder. This stunning Grace Kelly portrait doll wears a beautiful black and white dress inspired by the one she wore in the film. The classic design is recreated with elegant chiffon, a V-neck bodice and full calflength skirt embellished with a delicate branch pattern. Grace also wears a ‘pearl’ necklace and earrings, a white chiffon shawl, white ‘satin’ gloves and black heels.

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