Barbie® Launches "Life in the Dreamhouse"...

Barbie® Launches "Life in the Dreamhouse" Animated Webseries

May 09, 2012

Ever wonder what the life of Barbie®, the world’s most famous doll, is really like?

Girls of all ages will see what happens when Barbie opens the doors to her Dreamhouse® in the all-new “Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse” webseries. The lighthearted, humorous CGI-animated reality show will air on, and follows Barbie and her BFF’s, her sisters Stacie™, Skipper™ and Chelsea™, her adorable pets, and of course, her long-time boyfriend, Ken™. From the pitfalls of having Ken pet-sit to the mishaps of baking cupcakes and the adventures of learning to drive, Barbie faces fun, friendship and adventure the only way she knows how: fabulously!

Mark your calendars!
• On May 11th, the 14 episode webseries will officially premiere on
with a new episode debuting each Friday through July. Each episode is three minutes long and infuses fun and humorous moments with Barbie and friends.
• October 2012 marks the debut of season two with all new adventures in Malibu. With global distribution via, “Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse” will be translated into 21 different languages. Additionally, will allow girls to play in the world of Barbie by learning about each character, exploring her fab Malibu neighborhood and playing the B Friends game. will be both mobile and tablet-optimized giving girls access inside
the Dreamhouse, anytime and anywhere!