Barbie Collector Re-launches Dolls of the World

Barbie Collector Re-launches Dolls of the World

Jun 07, 2012

Established in 1980, the Dolls of the World® Collection is the largest and longest-running series in the history of the Barbie® brand. After more than 30 years of success and over 100 dolls created, the line is re-launching in 2012 with a fresh new look and introducing a new generation of Barbie fans to this global glamorous line.

Each doll wears an adorable ensemble inspired by the native costume and fashion of each country. Additionally, every doll package contains a ‘passport’ and a special pet providing extended play value. The packaging also doubles as a carrying case for the doll or a place to store personal travel souvenirs.

Visit to travel the world with Barbie®, play games and learn fun facts from each country.

Argentina Barbie® doll
Argentina Barbie® doll is ready for the Argentinian tango with her vibrant, ruffled blue dress with black fringe, a matching black lace shawl and stunning rose accents. With a special pet friend by her side — a puma, indigenous to Argentina- this is the first time that Barbie® has visited Argentina in the history of the Dolls of the World® Collection.

Australia Barbie® doll
Ready to hit the trails of Australia in style, Australia Barbie® doll sports a fashionable safari outfit with a linen khaki skirt, button-down top and a printed belt. With brown boots, a shoulder bag, brimmed hat and her koala friend, Australia Barbie® doll is prepared for any Outback adventure!

Chile Barbie® doll
Ready for a countryside adventure with the help of her Chilean fox terrier friend, Chile Barbie® doll captures the huaso (Chilean cowboy) spirit with her knee-length black skirt, a lace ruffled blouse and red vest. She completes her look with a colorful waist sash, knee-high boots, a traditional black hat and silver-colored hoops.

China Barbie® doll
Wearing a red “silk” gown with colorful floral accents, geta shoes, golden accessories and a dramatic hairstyle, China Barbie® doll’s look is both traditional and stunning. Joining China Barbie® doll is her cuddly panda friend, native to central-western and south western China.

Holland Barbie® doll
Capturing a classic and stylish traditional Dutch look, Holland Barbie® wears a blue cotton dress and striped apron accented with red & golden trim. Additional traditional touches include her braided blonde hair, white cotton Dutch bonnet, stockings, “wooden” clogs and cute animal friend — a Holland Lop bunny.

India Barbie® doll
Wearing a golden-colored sari with dark gold and orange trim, India Barbie® is stunning in her Bollywood-inspired ensemble. Matching golden shoes and a shiny bangle complete the elegant look, while a delicately-painted “bindi” adds authenticity to this exotic beauty’s face. Joining India Barbie® doll is her adorable monkey friend, highlighting the country’s natural wildlife.

Ireland Barbie® doll
Complimenting her flowing red hair, Ireland Barbie® doll wears an Irish dancer-inspired green dress with a laced bodice and golden trim and black shoes with green and gold detailing. Accompanying Ireland Barbie® doll on her adventures is an Irish Setter puppy – a popular dog in Ireland and around the world.

Mexico Barbie® doll
In a bright pink ruffled floor-length dress with lace and colorful ribbon accents, Mexico Barbie® is ready for a fiesta. A purple ribbon ties back her wavy, long brunette hair to complete her beautiful look. Accompanying her is a small Chihuahua friend — named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.