Barbie Dreamhouses Thru the Years

Barbie Dreamhouses Thru the Years

Feb 06, 2013

After four decades, one of Malibu’s most famous residents is putting her iconic beachfront property on the market. It’s a buyer’s dream come true — Barbie® doll’s famous Dreamhouse® is for sale!

As a fashion icon, it’s not just Barbie doll’s personal style that has received a great deal of attention over the past four decades but also, the ultra-fabulous world in which she lives. Always a snapshot of style in-the-moment whether through her fashions or her homes, the Dreamhouse has been renovated and redesigned more than 10 times over the decades. Her home design aesthetic has transformed from the multi-colored, swirling Mod style found in the original 1962 Dreamhouse to the ultra-glam, modern-chic, three-story Dreamhouse of 2012 — always giving girls a guide to glam, a license to dream and allowing them a way to play in her uber fashionable world.

1962 Barbie’s® Dream House
• Barbie doll’s first-ever, modern-style studio was made completely out of cardboard, with the exception of the pink plastic hangers in her closet.
• The record covers displayed in Barbie’s studio showcased real band names from the early ‘60s.
• Design Trends of the Decade: 1960’s home design was about open spaces and colors inspired by nature – like the Dreamhouse’s sunny gold and orange tones; Modernism and abstract expressionism where big inspirations that were seen from the runway to the hallway.

1974 Barbie’s® Townhouse
• This three-story Townhouse came with its own working elevator and is considered to be one of Barbie doll’s most iconic houses to-date.
• Design Trends of the Decade: Barbie doll’s use of bright turquoise, sunshine yellow, orange and brown reflected this decade’s favorite décor colors. The iconic Townhouse also shows the new obsession with modern conveniences, like the surreal elevator!

1979 Barbie® Dream House
• This refreshed Dream House featured many new accents and accessories, including planters, shutters, working doors and windows.
• The house was so popular that it was produced for almost a decade in different colors, including pink and white.
• Design Trends of the Decade: A-frame houses, featuring pops of bright color, dominated the design space. Additionally, plastic and vinyl furnishings addressed the fascination with conveniences and tech.

1983 Barbie® Townhouse
• Complete with a pink working elevator, this three-story Townhouse featured doll-tastic design updates to reflect the ‘80s decade.
• Design Trends of the Decade: The ‘80s were about bold design with heavier colors and details – the decade of decadent design!

1990 Barbie® Magical Mansion™
• Of all Barbie doll’s residences, this lavish Mansion was truly an upgrade, featuring working electronics like a ringing telephone and doorbell with a lit fireplace and chandelier.
• Design Trends of the Decade: The Dreamhouse design remained under the influence of the decadent ‘80s but addresses the growing fascination with taking comfort to the next level in design and electronic enhancements and functionality.

1998 Barbie® Deluxe Dreamhouse
• Continuing to evolve and reflect modern styles, this Deluxe Dreamhouse featured fully furnished rooms and a swing on the front porch.
• Architectural details included stain glass windows, a balcony, pink arches and columns.
• Design Trends of the Decade: Much like the times, comfort and space were a priority for this Dreamhouse. Additionally, in accord with the color trends for this time period, the house in shown in a more monochromatic color palette.

2012 Barbie® Dreamhouse®
• A revamped version of the Townhouse from the ‘70s, Barbie doll’s iconic home received a pink-tastic makeover.
• The three-story Dreamhouse was reinterpreted for today’s girl and includes a pink personal elevator, flat screen TV, outdoor whirlpool hot tub and lights and sounds on every level.
• Design Trends of the Decade: Today’s design reflects Barbie doll’s super busy working woman schedule – she wants modern conveniences like an elevator and a glamorous TV in a luxury setting with accessible features.