Collecting Barbie dolls is no longer the exclusive realm of little girls. “Big kids” have gotten into the act, big time.

United by clubs, conventions, magazines, newsletters and the Internet, Barbie collectors demonstrate a devotion to Barbie with no bounds! Some people collect Barbie dolls that are vintage and NIB (New in box), others are drawn to the dolls they played with as a child, yet others just collect Barbie accessories.

The Barbie-collecting craze was in full swing during the 1990s, thanks to the advent of eBay and the introduction of designer Barbie dolls, including the Bob Mackie Gold Barbie which featured 5,000 hand-sewn golden sequin accents.

Today, a mint condition “#1” (1959 Barbie doll) can fetch as much as $27,450. An extremely rare #1 blonde doll sold in a May 2006 auction held by Sandi’s Doll Attic. Prior to that, the second most expensive doll sold in 2003 for $25,527.

With Pink Label, Black Label, Gold Label and Platinum Label tiers, Barbie Collector dolls have broadened the appeal and allure of Barbie for girls of all ages. From tributes to pop culture classics like Sandy in the film Grease and Samantha from Bewitched to gorgeous designer dolls, there is truly a Barbie doll for everyone.

The Barbie Fashion Model Collection designed by Robert Best celebrates the rich historical origin of dolls in exquisite style featuring delicate, finely detailed fashions and an exclusive Silkstone body designed with the look and weight of porcelain.

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