Barbie® Collector Announces Dancing with the...

Barbie® Collector Announces Dancing with the Stars Dolls

Mar 01, 2012

The costumes and artistry of one of the nation’s most popular shows, “Dancing with the Stars,” comes to life with the iconic Barbie® brand. The Barbie® Collector “Dancing with the Stars” collection captures the elegance, fun and drama of the entertainment phenomenon that has swept the world off its feet.

Paso Doble Barbie® Doll

The Paso Doble Barbie® Doll is ready for the fiery rhythms of the Spanish dance with her own unique style. Just like the Paso Doble, Barbie® doll’s red “satin” gown is full of drama and passion. Featuring a black and red jacquard bodice, her dress showcases hoops linking the skirt to her hands for a dramatic, sweeping effect. Drop earrings and a gold bangle complete her look.

Samba Barbie® Doll

Ready to hit the dance floor for one of the liveliest dances of the show, the Samba Barbie® doll wears a festive ensemble of bright, tropical colors inspired by the Brazilian celebration Carnival. Barbie® doll’s skirt is accented with yellow feathers, pink and orange organza and is linked together with her matching top in a string of flowers twisting down her torso.

Waltz Barbie® Doll

Dressed in a flowing pink gown, Waltz Barbie® doll is ready for the graceful moves of the elegant and romantic dance. With a long three-tiered ruffle skirt, cut-out sleeves and a shiny pink bodice with silver trim, Barbie® doll’s costume creates a dramatic sparkling effect on the dance floor. Her look is complete with dazzling matching pink jewelry and glamorous heels.

The Barbie Collector “Dancing with the Stars” collection will dance its way into the hearts of Barbie Collectors and fans of the hit show.

SRP: $29.95 each | Available now at | For the Adult Collector