1961: First introduced at the American International Toy Fair as Barbie doll’s boyfriend on March 11, 1961 Ken doll was 12 inches tall, had “molded” plastic hair (blond and brunette) and came dressed in red bathing suit trunks with a yellow towel and sandals.


1973: Moving from his plastic molded hair to a more “natural” style, Mod Hair Ken doll introduced his first ever rooted hair style. The doll came with either straight or curly hair as well as additional facial hair pieces including a mustache, beard and/or sideburns.

1978: A true reflection of the decade, Ken stepped out in one of his iconic looks as Superstar Ken sporting an electric blue belted jumpsuit.

1979: Now iconic to the surf lifestyle, Sun Lovin Malibu Ken doll was introduced with a golden tan, his trademark molded blond hair and turquoise swim trunks.


1982: Sunsational Malibu Ken doll, the first African American Ken doll is introduced with a rooted Afro hairstyle.

1984: Dream Date Ken (shown here) was the perfect arm candy for Barbie.  Sporting a sleek black jacket and bow tie, grey pants, pink cummerbund and rose, Dream Date Ken was primped and ready for a night out with his favorite doll.


1992: Celebrating the various hair fads of the ‘90s, Totally Hair Ken sported a new rooted hairstyle, a retro ‘70s look and came packaged with a tube of styling gel.

1994: Ken took a page from the number one TV show of the decade, “Baywatch”, and hit the waves wearing his own red beach trunks.

1999: Move over Brad.  The newest heartthrob of the ‘90s is on the scene.  A reflection of the scruffy modern ‘90s man, Shave ‘n Style Ken doll stayed cool and comfortable in blue jeans and a white tee.


2004: America’s sweethearts call it quits. Ken and Barbie announce they are “parting ways.”

2006: After months of silence and introspection, Ken announced to the world that he wants Barbie back, stepping out with a new look hoping to rekindle their fleeting romance.

2009: Ken came to life during New York Fashion Week to help Barbie celebrate her 50th anniversary in style. The duo made their first appearance together in years on the runway at her first New York Fashion Week show.


2010: Ken (and Barbie) solidifies his place in the entertainment and fashion worlds by making more than 50 wardrobe changes in the big screen release of Toy Story 3.  Ken also appeared at New York City's Fashion’s Night Out in September.

2011: After seven years apart, Ken and Barbie rekindled their epic romance on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, making Ken Barbie’s boyfriend once again.

2012: Proving their love was meant to be Ken and Barbie are still dating and couldn’t be happier. The iconic couple is ready to give the world a glimpse into their blissful lives in Malibu with the new animated reality web series  “Barbie Life in the DreamHouse” which will air online this summer.